Development and support of online stores, online catalogs, modules and e-commerce applications in Ukraine


Ecommerce in the modern world is one of the most profitable businesses. This has been repeatedly proved by such giant companies as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, etc. They all started their journey in a big business with a small online store. Nothing prevents you from succeeding in this business as the Internet commerce sector has become the dominant among all channels of goods sales.

Studio Webdionix offers you to order the development of a modern online store. We have many years of experience in e-commerce not only as software developers, but also as owners and managers of online stores. With our own business related to Internet commerce, we are constantly improving, increasing sales, introducing new technologies in web programming, advertising and management. We also transfer this experience to our own developments and share it with our customers.

The main advantages of online shops developed by Webdionix studio are:

  • Speed. The site works fast, pages are opened much faster than most other online stores, which is achieved through optimization of the code. If the site of the online store will be downloaded a lot, then potential customers will not wait and leave it, giving preference to faster sites, given the low speed of the mobile Internet.
  • Secure We develop our stores using our own software, so you can forget about the security issues of the site, which is common to the distributed free CMS e-commerce systems.
  • Functionality. Starting from the basic online catalog and finishing with complex systems with integration of CRM / ERP. Each project is developed individually and possible any functional customer needs.

Even in the basic version, the online store from Webdionix has all the functions necessary for electronic sales (catalog of goods with filters, import / export of prices, multilingualism, multicurrency with automatic conversion of the course, SMS-informing, personal user's cabin, etc.).

All the online stores we are developing are ready for SEO. There is also support for different levels of access to the administrative part of the site (for administrators, content managers, editors).