CRM & Accounting

Web interfaces for working with databases, convenient control systems for small and medium-sized businesses, customer management, orders, automation, online accounting, etc.

CRM & Accounting

CRM are applications (web applications) for monitoring and accounting. If you have your own business, or are you just doing a job that involves some managerial accounting, customer database management, ordering, etc. - You just need a convenient system that would help to automate and systematize all processes and calculations. Such a system may be necessary even in ordinary everyday life, for example, to keep track of home finances, shopping history, keep an electronic diary with a schedule, and so on.

Many start to keep personal records in the Excel file, even in the MS Access database. This is very inconvenient, because these formats are not intended for similar purposes.

What are the benefits of an online accounting system (CRM)?

  • user-friendly interface created specifically for your activity and taking into account personal needs and required functions;
  • secure access from anywhere in the world and from any device that has a browser and Internet access;
  • ability to delimit the access levels to the system or its individual sections;
  • integration with your site, online store, or other software;
  • speed and reliability.

In fact, the benefits can be numerous, depending on your wishes and the functional level of a similar system.

To use the CRM, no special device or application is required. For access, a regular web browser is used as if you were opening an administration site of your own site.

To order the creation of a CRM is not necessarily large or medium business. Even if you just created an online store (or placed ads on ad sites) and began to sell products on the Internet, you have to somehow keep track of customers, orders, inventory, conduct an analyst, take into account costs and profits, and so on. It is for this that we need similar accounting systems.