Webdionix CMS

Webdionix CMS

Webdionix CMS is a professional, modern and effective content management system developed by the specialists of our Webdionix web-studio. We use Webdionix CMS in our projects to achieve the most effective and fast work of websites and online stores.

The most popular content management systems, such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, Magento, 1C Bitrix and others, as a rule, do not meet all the requirements that we set for our projects. Bringing such systems to an acceptable level of efficiency and performance requires significant changes in their program code, and such changes cannot guarantee a positive result. That is why we have developed our own content management system Webdionix CMS, which is a universal base for projects of any complexity.

Webdionix CMS key advantages

  • fast and lightweight
  • modern responsive design
  • multilingual support
  • security
  • individual set for each project
  • core-level SEO Optimization
  • convenient administration panel
  • unlimited functionality due to the use of the popular PHP framework

You can check out the Webdionix CMS demo here: